Altadena Arts Council Exhibition Concludes

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January 25, 2013 by smithartonline

AAC Show 2012The Altadena Arts Council show concluded the run last Friday. It proved to be a dream exhibition for me, not only as an opportunity to display my work locally in a new gallery space, but also my pieces found their way to the wall between works by Lamonte Westmoreland and Ben Sakoguchi. Years ago, in my teaching days, I used examples by these artists to show an artist’s ability to create the perfect blending of visually stunning images, a high sense of humor fused with a charged social statement. I have held these two artists in high esteem for decades and now, to be able to exhibit in their company, was a very real treat and honor for me. (Did I mention I am a big fan of theirs?)

The two pieces here are the works presented. The black background work is a current piece, done within the last six months. The other blue base piece is a few years old. Since April of last year I have focused on using the black base color. I have enjoyed the work of Raymond Saunders and, seeking a new approach to my work, I decided to take his work apart and determine what it is I respond to. I then employed these elements into my own work. The newer work, at least to me, seems much bolder and, for now, more satisfying working from dark to light rather than light to dark.

The Altadena Arts Council Center is opening a new show on 2 February: A Celebration of Black History Month. The gallery is located at 2460 North Lake Avenue, Altadena, CA.

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