Numerous Small Lakes, 2006

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January 17, 2013 by smithartonline

Numerous Small Lakes

With an impending exhibition next month, I need to frame up a number of current pieces. There is a significant expense, which seems formidable, even in the best of financial times, right now it seems even more terrifying. I pulled a number of works from a show I had in Ventura in 2006 and began taking the older works out of the frames to reuse them, with some modification to the mat board display.


I have been reintroduced to work I completed in 2006. I have not looked at the pieces for some years, so I was able to come with “new eyes.” There are obvious similarities to what I am producing now: at least in figures and content. I was less bold in the use of color; I now employ a heavier application of acrylics and color.


I made a number of pictures utilizing collage techniques with torn map pieces. Maps have always been a fascination for me: even as a child I was drawn to books of maps and would study them for long periods of time. Of course my family just assumed I was weird (still does), but I suspect the graphic image called to me long before I fully recognized what the maps represented. I note that Mount Fuji shows up in a number of the Ventura works, an obvious nod to where I was born. There is also a round “T-O” map reference to the left. During this period I was researching map making and found the Medieval Europeans represented the world utilizing this image of the “T-O,” a perfect world, I suppose, with the known continents assigned to one of the three areas within the circle.

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