Flight Dream

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October 25, 2012 by smithartonline

Flight Dream

A mixed media constructed box, 7 X 5 X 1.75 inches.

I created this piece for Nucleus Gallery’s Power in Numbers (PIN)online presentation. It is small, even for me. The size restrictions for inclusion are

any dimension may not exceed 5 X 7 inches. This work is 7 X 5 X 1.75 inches. As with the work in my previous posting, the Tibetan gau box influence is readily seen: actually I have produced a number of these types of boxes over the past two years or so. This piece also shows graffiti influence; particularly stencil graffiti. This type of graffiti found its way into my work back in the early 1980’s when, quite by accident, I discovered a small photography book with pictures of stencil-based graffiti from Paris. Unfortunately the book was lost in a 1993 wild fire, along with pretty nearly everything we owned, including all works for an exhibition to be installed the next day. On the positive side, we did survive and now I have accumulated more junk than I had previous to 1993. Since this time, of course, graffiti has become a source of interest in the mainstream art world. Another major influence here is the pinball machine, a source of inspiration since the early 1970’s. I guess I enjoy working with small objects and playing with them in design games before finally committing them to a final glued up, in cement form.

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